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Description of Play Tube & YouTube Player

Key Features:

❖Popup Play .

Keep doing your work, while also playing videos in pop-up!

❖ Tube Play.

Can play films in portrait mode like as tube player.

❖Background Play.

listen to video in the background without losing the video. Play music videos in the background with only sound!

❖A Professional HD Video Player.

It supports 1080p video, all hd video files, and play videos with high-definition. It supports all types of video format and audio files like AVI, 3GP, MKV, TS, MPG , M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV and MP3. It also work like 1080p video player.

❖A Audio Mp3 Player.

App contains both video and audio player. It also can play musics. Equalizer features can helps you to make your audio playing super cool.

Play Tube is a free and easy video player to support all popular video formats , including AVI, 3GP, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, TS, MPG , etc.

Appplication also support YouTube video format like FLV, WEBM, 3GP...

It can play all your movies and shows in most formats directly without conversion.

Play Tube is a unique popup video player.

You can Start doing Real Multi-tasking!!Float one or more videos on top of any other applications like SMS, Email, maps, browsing etc. Keep doing your work, while also watching a movie in pop-up! You can even resize (pinch / zoom) your video popups and much more …

- Video popup support. The video popups overlays any apps and enables multi-tasking.

- Multiple video feature. You can create multiple video Popups.

- Resize the video popups wit pinch to zoom.

- Easy volume and brightness features.

- Volume, Next/Previous, Play/pause buttons of floating videos.

Useful Features:

❖Automatically scan and explore video

❖Smooth video playback

❖Very handy thumbnail mode,display Thumbnail of all videos

❖A convenient navigator for music

❖able to play wide variety of video format including mkv.

❖can play mov files smoothly.

❖speed-up and background play.

❖IT actually plays ac3 audio

❖ Support to change theme of media player.

❖ Hardware acceleration.

❖ Support subtitle downloader and more.

❖ Night Mode, Quick Mute & Playback Speed.

❖Identify all video files on your device and SD Card automatically.

❖ Manage or share videos easily.

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APK information about Play Tube & YouTube Player

APK Version 2.1.6
Compatibility Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
Developer music video player
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